Ruth Marie Migliore

Answer one question or many - using words, photos or other media.

What are some of the significant places Ruth lived?

Jacqueline Migliore
Millstone, NJ
Manville, NJ
Sarasota, FL

If you pray, what have been the messages or requests in those prayers?

Jacqueline Migliore
That I am so glad that you are not suffering anymore and that I can't wait until the time you can live with us in the real life.

How would Ruth most want to be remembered?

Jacqueline Migliore
As a God fearing, Christian woman who was loved by her family.

How did Ruth affect other people?

Jacqueline Migliore
Everyone that knew her, couldn't help but love her.

Did Ruth have a favorite phrase or common mannerism?

Jacqueline Migliore
The ability of throwing a plastic baseball bat at her children's legs so they would trip and fall so she could smack them when they were bad. ( She couldn't run fast enough to catch us )

Do you have a video of Ruth singing or dancing?

Jacqueline Migliore
I do not have a picture or video of her, but Ruth used to love singing Kingdom Melodies.

Did Ruth have a favorite pet? Have a photo of them together?

Jacqueline Migliore
Her " love of her life was her toy poodle Button's ". She followed her everywhere she went. She was pure white and had very long ears that Ruth used to put a clothespin on when Button's ate her spaghetti dinner on Sunday's.

Anything about the cause of death that you want others to know?

Jacqueline Migliore
She truly put up a brave fight. She was a very strong woman.

What made Ruth laugh?

What will you miss most about Ruth?

What's your favorite picture of Ruth?

What did Ruth love?