Welcome to this online salute to Rebecca!

We are so grateful you have visited this page to help us celebrate Rebecca Hawthorne's outstanding leadership of the MAOL program at St Kate's! Please consider leaving a message on the Overview page, visit the LifeQs page to offer memories, wishes and gratitude, and/or add photos or videos on the photo/video location. Our collective efforts will continue to remind Rebecca of all the ways that we celebrate her leadership and contributions to the MAOL program and St. Catherine University. Thank you! Rebecca's Crew (Val Krech, Amy Ihlan, Louise Miner, Martha Hardesty, and Sharon Radd)


Rebecca K. Hawthorne

    • MAR

      Minnesota Women's Census - First Publication

    • 25th Anniversary of the MAOL Program

    • 2014 Minnesota Census of Women in Corporate Leadership

    • JAN

      2015 J-term Study Abroad

    • APR 25

      MAOL 30th Anniversary

    • JAN

      2017 J-term Study Abroad

    • APR 19

      On-Campus Retirement Recognition

    • APR 20

      Rebecca's Last MAOL Meeting

    • MAY 01

      2017 MAOL Global Learning Event