CROW aka Derek Anthony Hanson

This is made and dedicated to CROW of San Francisco, CA. One of the best people I have ever known. During the 7 years I was fortunate enough to have shared with him, I learned so much about love and life. Lessons I will forever benefit from, as they have helped me become the person I am today and will carry me forward in life. God Bless You, Derek, and hold you close til we meet again.

Derek Anthony Hanson

Dec 17, 1960 - Aug 10, 2016

otherwise known as "Crow" to most people, Derek Anthony Hanson was born in San Francisco, CA to Betty Diaz and Gordon Hanson. He was the oldest of the couples 3 kids. Derek was an amazing person. He was well known in the SF Bay Area, & the California Prison System, of which he became, unfortunately, all too familiar with as a very young man. Despite this,he was a great man & boyfriend