Tabitha Jane Francis

Answer one question or many - using words, photos or other media.

When did Tabitha especially feel the impact of God or a divine presence?

Kristie Ray
I would say the day she took her last breath on earth..

What six words best describe Tabitha?

Kristie Ray
1. Love 2. Friend 3. Loyal 4. Daughter 5.Mother 6.Sister 7.Aunt

What words of comfort can you offer Tabitha's family and friends?

Kristie Ray
There is none! That she has left a part of her in her son!

What were Tabitha's greatest passions?

Kristie Ray
The Lord.. Her son and family.. To have her own family..

What obstacles did Tabitha overcome?

Kristie Ray
Living through her grandmothers death.. Getting through the car wreck she was in..

What were the most life-changing moments for Tabitha?

Kristie Ray
When she was in a car wreck at age 14 and when she gave birth to her son.. The birth of her nephew.. The death of her grandmother Carletta Francis.. Getting her drivers license.. Old enough to work and falling in love..

What will you miss most about Tabitha?

Kristie Ray
Absolutely everything! Her laugh and ability to make us laugh.. Her smile and gorgeous face! Her cooking.. Just her being here alive with me, us her family..

When and how did you first meet Tabitha?

Kristie Ray
The day I gave birth to her.. 12/30/1989

Who did Tabitha like or admire?

Kristie Ray
Her grandmother's, Beverly Travillian and Carletta Francis her grandfather Troy Francis