Memories to keep

I just want to take this opportunity to say Thank you to everyone at Grace Baptist Church and to the ladies there thank you very much for the meals. Much appreciated. God Bless


Larry Gene Williams

    • JUL 30


    • JAN 05

      Memorial Services at Grace Baptist Church in Prineville Oregon.

    • JAN 26


  • Born

    By Christel Williams
  • Memorial Services at Grace Baptist Church in Prineville Oregon.

    Prineville, Oregon
    Larry was cremated in Prineville Oregon
    Was then given to his Mom Marcia who lives in GrantsPass Oregon. I felt that his two sons Josh and Justin and daughter Laura would be happy with that.
    He told me just before his surgery that He would haunt me if I didn't keep his ashes. I just felt my duty as a wife was done. I did everything in my power to do what was right.
    To his family If I did anything to upset you I do so very much apologize from the bottom of my heart. When you take care of someone you love, it kinda messes your thinking and judgement. I do miss you all.
    Final words:
    If you all see this please feel free to leave any pics or text on this page. Thank you.
    By Christel Williams
  • Died

    By Christel Williams
    Christel Williams
    I will forever miss you my dearest Larry. I am no longer complete. Until We meet again and only then will I be complete.