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What objects most remind you of BERNARD? Have a photo?

Bernard loved basketball, I went to all his basketball games. I was his number 1 cheerleader. When he passed, I could no longer watch basketball. Its been several years and I am just now starting to be able to watch basketball again.

What made BERNARD happy?

The one thing that made Bernard happy the most was spending time with his family.

If you could send BERNARD a message now, what would you say?

If I could send my brother a message right now, it would simply just say I LOVE YOU. I didnt say this to him enough when he was alive. I wish I can say this to him now.

How did BERNARD affect other people?

Bernard loved people, he loved hanging out with his friends and family. But most importantly he loved his son with his whole being. Bernard was a Preschool teacher and he absolutely loved his job. He went back to college to become a Teacher, he wanted to be a change agent. People loved Bernard and could not imagine what he was going through.

Have you felt the presence of BERNARD in your dreams or prayers?

I can remember dreaming about my brother after he first passed away, I didnt want to believe that he was really gone. When he appeared in my dream I always ran away and felt afraid. Now that I have accepted his death, when I dream of him, we are always just hanging out relaxing most of the time, not even talking. Just being happy in each others presence.

Anything about the cause of death that you want others to know?

Bernard thought out his suicide for more than a year. He crossed every T and dotted every I. My brother struggled with depression, he didnt want to seek help for fear of being less than a man. He always wanted to be seen as the strong one, holding our family together, while all along he was falling apart.

How would BERNARD most want to be remembered?

What six words best describe BERNARD?

What are your best memories of time together?

What's your favorite picture of BERNARD?

Did BERNARD have a favorite phrase or common mannerism?

What did BERNARD dislike?