Kukula Kapoor Glastris

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What was Kuku like as an editor and colleague?

Joshua Hammer
I'll echo James Galbraith here. Kukula and I never met, but I reviewed a dozen books for her over the years and I'll remember her as one of my favorite editors: she selected books that were exactly up my alley, she edited with a light touch, and she was kind and gracious, with warm words for my family and encouragement for other projects I was working on. Receiving an email from her asking her if I'd be interested in reviewing such-and-such was always a pleasure, as was the entire process. I am so saddened and sorry to hear that she's gone.
T.A. Frank
She had an amazing knack for getting writers to say yes to assignments. In my times as editor I always envied that. I don't recall her ever resorting to pleas, cajoling, or flattery. She knew just how to ask--usually, it seemed, by just asking. And then it helped that everyone liked her. Who wanted to say no?
Shannon Brownlee
I loved being edited by Kuku! She always went straight for the weak points in an article or book review, and managed to make it better. I liked thinking about Kuku as my audience: receptive, but smartly critical and demanding. Writing for her was a joy and I've learned a lot about how to edit with a sharp eye and kind pen.
James Galbraith
Although I knew her only as an editor of my occasional book reviews, I feel as though I've lost a friend. She was truly a rare and wonderful person, always a pleasure to work with.

My deepest condolences.

James Galbraith
Robert Jenkins
Kukula was a great colleague. I had the pleasure of sharing an office with her at Washington Monthly. I made sales calls, she managed book reviews. Every now and then we'd take a break and talk about current events, JFK, family, travels. We shared a familiar humor that I'll sincerely miss. The office seems too big now. God bless, my friend.
Michael O'Donnell
Warm and caring. I've never had an editor take such an active and sincere interest in me or my family. She always asked after my young son and usually requested pictures of him! She was also generous with praise, which is uncommon for an editor. Over eight years, she made me feel like her star writer. I don't begrudge for a moment that her other contributors probably felt exactly the same way. Really going to miss her.