Gone but never forgotten

R I P til we meet again I will always love you Daddy,Solomon, Chris, Abrahaim,Carl Big mama even Brandy


My Father,Brother

Answer one question or many - using words, photos or other media.

Why is this important to you?

Stephanie A. White
No one can take away your memories of that special someone or people close to you

What would you like to say to the victims or their families?

Stephanie A. White
All things are possible to get through with God and prayers

What historical event are you commemorating?

Stephanie A. White
The holidays get rough my brother's birthday is on Thanksgiving

What do you want people to know about them?

Stephanie A. White
How great they were good men,friend father, brother, grandfather,uncle,husband, son they may be gone but never forgotten

What do you hope will change as a result of this?

Stephanie A. White
Better research for Cancer and AIDS

What can be learned from this?

Stephanie A. White
Treasure your family, friends and loved ones while they are here because if and when they're gone life won't be the same

How do you plan to honor their memory?

Stephanie A. White
On his birthday and anniversary of his death we celebrated with his favorite foods pizza, chicken and watch his favorite football team The Washington Redskins

100 years from now what should people remember about this?

Stephanie A. White
How great my father was