Judith Friedman

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What accomplishment was Judi most proud of?

Joanne Mosley
No doubt Judi was a very proud Mama Bear of Her Daughter and Grandchildren, and proud of Her Sister and Her Family, as well. Judi loved Family foremost. She would share every new photo, and each new accomplishment each Family Member achieved---in fact, over and over---and then more. That is just how proud Judi was of what they had built and were building in their lives, and She reveled in the fact that Her Family was proud of her, too.

Judi created a Family of Friends and Neighbors here at Caton Towers and was probably our most popular neighbor. Judi was so proud of the new residents she brought to Caton Towers, and would brag about how uniquely interesting each one was. Judi LOVED Caton Towers and was a real Ambassador for our building. Judi brokered a huge percentage of the sales and rentals here in Caton Towers, and She was extremely selective of who she would market to. Judi always said "I don't get hung up with the stupid crap lots of brokers focus on; I just make sure they are good, decent, hard working, and interesting folks coming to Caton; after all, they are going to be my neighbors." Judi helped transform a building of multi cultural residents into a community of neighbors; Judi was so proud of what she had helped create here at Caton Towers.
Marlene Siegel
Unquestionably, her grandchildren!!! Her family was her life.