Judith Friedman

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What will you miss most about Judi?

Joanne Mosley
Judi was an interesting and dynamic person. She was very bright, funny, engaging, and multi-faceted. Judi knew everyone just about everywhere in the Kensington Community. Before there was Yelp, there was Judi's restaurant recommendations. Judi gave recommendations on the best places to shop for shoes, clothing, food, and services in and around Kensington, Windsor Terrace, Cobble Hill, and Park Slope. She knew about every upcoming community meeting, each new proposed new building project coming to Kensington, and each new store and restaurant opening long before the news was public. Judi also established strong relationships with the residents she brought into the building, remembering the names and birthdays of each of their children. Judi loved introducing her building friends to new residents, and was the life of each party here in Caton.

I will miss Judi's sometimes wicked sense of humor, her whirlwind energetic personality, and I will miss her company as a neighbor and as a friend. Judi loved exploring Brooklyn on foot, and would call sometimes and say "Meet me downstairs and let's take a walk to this new nearby restaurant," completely neglecting to tell me the restaurant was five miles away. There I would be two miles later, with blistered heels from inappropriate shoes, regretting that I failed to ask the appropriate questions before committing to her invitation. Judi was many different things to many different people, but what Judi never was, was boring. I will miss her dearly.
Marlene Siegel
She was completely unfiltered- I will miss her honesty, sense of humor, and her friendship.