Judith Friedman

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When and how did you first meet Judi?

Joanne Mosley
Judi was one of the people who interviewed and assessed my package for purchase of a unit. The second evening of my residency she knocked on my door, reintroduced herself, ran through a list of Kensington amenities, and welcomed me to the building. "Oh, You've got a cat---I have a cat. I like cat people. I'm in 9K, you've got to meet my cat, Casey."
Marlene Siegel
she showed us our apartment- I think she decided we should live there even before we did!! And of course, she was right.
Amy Berman
Judi helped us buy our first apartment, as I am sure she did for many people at Caton Towers. She loved this community so much and convinced us this was a great place to live. We will always remember how she made us feel so welcome from our first days here. Amy & Russell Berman