Judi Friedman

By Cari Naftali

Quirky, funny and always keeping a sense of humor, even within the walls of the Misery Hotel (which is how she referred to her hospital stay). Despite the scant remaining patchwork of hair on her head as a result of her attempt to lengthen her life with treatments, even with the phlebotomists who poked and prodded her regularly (she had the most difficult veins), she made them all laugh or at least smile. Even in the last weeks of her life, though her body was clearly wasting away, most days when asked how she was feeling she would reply "better!". She never complained and always wanted to know how everyone else was feeling.

Though some who knew her well would argue that she worried too much about her loved ones, she also kept a positive outlook and encouraged others to do the same. She prided herself on the success of her business which was based only in honesty and integrity due to her genuine caring of people. 

Though she at times drove those around her crazy, she was widely and well loved by her neighbors, friends, clients, family, and especially by children, whom she charmed. She even maintained a close loving relationship with her young nieces and nephews in Israel mostly via skype. 

She was a unique character which anyone who knew her could attest to. She even promised to keep watch over her apartment after she passed to make sure that her grandchildren didn't do anything she wouldn't approve of in there! 

We hope that her soul will be able to travel to all of the places she still wanted to see in this lifetime. She felt that she still had much more to accomplish in this life and we hope that her soul will find deep peace in the hereafter.

We are so grateful to her wonderful caregivers who enabled her to spend her last couple of months in the comfort of her beloved home surrounded by her dear friends and family.

"Death takes away the weariness of life and the soul begins life anew." 

~Hazrat Inayat Kahn

"Now you've departed and gone to the Unseen-

On what strange ways you've gone from our world!

You shook your feathers and you broke the cage;

You flew away, far, to the soul's own world.

You were a hawk, encaged by Mrs. world.

You heard the drum and flew to Where-no-place.

You were a nightingale among the owls-

The garden's scent came; you went to the rose."


Judith Martha Friedman
  • born

    Dec 23, 2017

Melissa Meyer
What a character you are. You sold me my first ever apartment here in Caton Towers. You were honest, and always a straight shooter. You brought me 3 bags of groceries including a roast chicken when I moved in. A Jewish grandmother I never had! I am deeply shocked and saddened that you were suffering and are now gone. I'll remember our last conversation in the elevator. I can see that you are well loved. You will always hold a special place in my heart. Much love, Melissa
Donya Dickerson
I'm so sorry about your loss. Your mom was an amazing spirit and had such amazing energy. She sold us our apartment in Caton towers and continued to be a great neighbor. When my own mom was very sick last year, she was so great to check in with me and ask about her. I know it's so hard to lose your mom but be happy knowing that she made such an impact on the people in her life.
Toby Gish
Judi, Mommy and me
Marvin Chase

You are so much of the reason why Caton Towers is home to us. Your caring and generous soul will not be forgotten here. Your humor, warmth and memory will live on in this place.

We miss you Judi.

Love Julia and Marvin
Sophia Betz
We are so sorry for your loss. Judi was a wonderful, friendly person and always made us laugh. She will be greatly missed. - Sophia and Melissa, Caton Towers
Judith Martha Friedman
  • born

    Dec 23, 2017