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If you could send Sassy a message now, what would you say?

Vesper Locke
I hope you know that I was beside you when you passed away and that you were not alone. I'm so very sorry a horrible person hurt you. I'm so sorry you suffered and your life was greatly shortened. You did not deserve anything bad that happened to you. You were, are, and will always be so very loved little girl. I miss my longest best friend ever. P.S. Dusty Dew misses you terribly, too. He's so lost without you. We love you Sassy!!

When did Sassy's companionship mean the most to you?

Vesper Locke
Every day.

What was Sassy's favorite food?

Vesper Locke
Raw carrots and Church's Chicken were her number one favs. She also liked Happy Meals from McDonald's and most all other food.

What do you miss most about Sassy?

Vesper Locke
I miss every single thing about Sassy except the suffering she endured during the last week of her life.

What made Sassy happiest?

Vesper Locke
I'd have to say love, family and food.

What was Sassy's most human characteristic?

Vesper Locke
Her level of understanding. She wasn't a poodle that "obeyed one word commands". Sure, she knew a lot of one word commands but, I had always talked to Sassy in full sentences, therefore she picked up on a lot more. She was the most "human" poodle that I'd ever known.

What did Sassy do that made you laugh?

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