Thomas Simpfendoerfer

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Do you have one particular memory of Thomas that you would like to share?

Richard Jonas
What I remember is that Thomas, though well into his struggle with cancer, came to take care of me when I had a detached retina. My sister was here to take care of me but was struggling with putting together a chair to be used my me to rest with my head down. Thomas helped with that -- but what I remember more is him taking down a volume of Balzac from my bookshelves and sitting, reading to us in his deep, resonant voice. It was a lovely moment -- and at so many moments during Thomas's illness, I was amazed by his ability to face what was happening, to be interested in it, to use it to inform his photography. He was a unique and wonderful man. He won't be forgotten.
John Wendy
I applied for a job at Random House about fifteen years ago. They gave me homework to make sure I knew the programs. I needed them transferred and Thomas said he would do it for me. In transferring he renamed my files—I believe it was the naming of those files that got me the job. Detailed precision in the most beautiful shirts is how I will remember Thomas. With love, Kristen
We began 20 years ago as work mates and became good friends. One day last November, I came to visit him at lunch time. I told him of my plans to move to California, and said: I look forward to starting a new life. He said, me too. Farewell, dear Thomas.
Allan Hoving
thinking of thomas ... one day, he and I were having lunch at an outside table at my favorite french place in manhattan. suddenly, claudia walks by! total coincidence!