Motto of,her.

You can't always get, what you want.You get what, need. The greatest thing.You'll ever learn. Is just to learn & be loveI,in return. No use. always.... ttrying tobe, on time.You never, really know,where Life will lead you. Hakuna Matata. Ride,live,love,life.

Sandi E Snow

Nov 7, 1956 - Sep 17, 2016

Magically inspiring and most beloved person.Of everyone...I know or yet,ever will know. Greatest,loving..mother&grandmother,sis,wife,defender,BFF,teacher,fighter&, all time.#1 Hero.To me.& usall. That knew & had the pleasure of,loving&knowing.Impossible.Tobe comparred.Spirt.My,Mom.A Lil-lotta more...,info,about.The Lady. SandyESnow. Eternally. cherished person,Soul& Angel.Up above.