Gerri A. Jones

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How did Gerri affect other people?

Julia McNally
She had the eye of a huntress
Relentless in her resolve to reach beyond herself
Giving deeply to outstretched hands
her beloved friends and the community she cherished

Mighty with her pen
Gerri raised consciousness and foundations
for the people and projects
she stood up for
wherever she found them

She was a light to the lost
a voice for the silenced
She was brave and modest
of her triumphs
Absolute in her devotion
With the wisdom of one who has risen again
Always quick to hear the laughter through the tears

A remarkable woman who has touched with love and fortitude countless people’s lives
Children she tended
and parents she encouraged

Without borders
her heart boundless
She loved this world moment by moment
Sometimes in utter darkness
She kept her head about her
Another morning in step
with the beauties to marvel
A rebel, a grand dame
One with the mysteries

By Brooke McNally