Megan Leigh Holt

Answer one question or many - using words, photos or other media.

If you could offer a toast now, what would you say?

Patty Gibson has made you the best of who you are so take it and run with it bcoz you are exactly who God made you to be. May you forever stay young at heart and stay close to God!!!

What should Megan be when Megan grows up?

Patty Gibson
Exactly who and what she is now

What have you learned from Megan?

Patty Gibson
How to be a better mother and woman

What makes Megan laugh?

Patty Gibson
Derek and Damarie mostly and yet her best friend Jodie can always make her laugh and smile. If none of that works there’s always her sister Kassi and her daughters Kiya and Kennedy

Write one sentence about each decade of Megan's life?

Patty Gibson
She was a very shy sweet and very compassionate little girl who loved God like her best friend. From ten to twenty she became much more adventurous and stronger as a young lady. From twenty to thirty she showed her strength and her tenacity to accomplish whatever she sat her mind to. Again...the rest is just History in the making 😊

What are Megan's greatest achievements so far?

Patty Gibson
Being a great woman of faith in God which makes her a wonderful wife mother daughter and sister

What's your favorite picture of Megan?

Patty Gibson

What six words best describe Megan?

Patty Gibson
Gorgeous loving caring compassionate funny and motivated

What's your favorite story about Megan?

What are Megan's favorite TV shows, movies, books, websites or music?

Post a picture of an object or place and why it reminds you of Megan?

What celebrities or public figures does Megan like or admire?