Jay Allan Bramlett, born on June 9, 1953, passed away at age 65 on August 19, 2018 in Austin, Texas. From 1970 to 1975, Jay served in the Air Force in the Vietnam War. Jay is an original character, amazing friend, and an adventurer at heart. Jay specialized in Real Estate for 30 years. He had an exciting and adventurous life, in the 70s he was known to have run with Willie Nelson , Jimi Buffet, Antone, and many other Texas musicians. He was always giving he best advice and impressing everyone he knew. Jay is survived by his daughter, Courtney Bramlett, her daughter; and friends, Logan Solomon her husband Glen Sanders, Kerri Ann E., Shane Wright, Ann Francis, Nicki Ims, Jaime Lazerith, Tessa Roberts, John Mcconnell, Richard Caudle, Stormy Walls, and many more. Jay enjoyed having fun, making new friends, and mountain biking. Jay also enjoyed beautiful woman, making you smile, giving gifts, surprising his friends, making you laugh, giving advice, and helping others. A true OG and the coolest cat we all knew. Rest easy my friend. There will never be another character like you. The family invites donations in Jay’s name to Foundation for the Homeless and Caritos of Austin.


Jay Allan Bramlett

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What six words best describe Jay?

Lo Solomon
Original. Friend. Handsome. Funny. Business Man.

How would Jay most want to be remembered?

Music, good times in Austin, happiness and Margaritaville.

What made Jay happy?

Lo Solomon
Having fun with friends and exploring the beauty of the city.

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