Justin Imperatore

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What were the best things about Justin?

Nancy Rieger
Justin was kind, considerate, sensitive, hard-working, thoughtful, funny, and unpretentious. He made people feel comfortable, wherever they came from. And he was genuine. People saw these wonderful qualities in Justin--and they gravitated to him. How fortunate they, and we, were to know him. And that is how I will remember this lovely and loving young man.

What is your favorite memory of time on the field with Justin at Amherst College?

What is your favorite memory of Justin during the years together at Avon Old Farms?

How would Justin most want to be remembered?

What's your favorite picture of Justin?

How did Justin affect other people?

What were Justin's favorite TV shows, movies, books or music?

What did you learn from Justin?

What will you miss most about Justin?

What accomplishment was Justin most proud of?

When and how did you first meet Justin?

What were Justin's favorite sports teams and players?