A memorial service with drumming in Julio's honor will be held out-of-doors in Teaneck on Sunday the 14th. Arrive 715 Hartwell Street, Teaneck, New Jersey, as early as noon. The service will begin outside at one p.m. Wear light colors if you can, and bring jackets and sweaters for the cool fall weather.Also bring items of significance and remembrance to place on the altars. Call Hannah 917-843-9976 or Sydelle 917-922-9534 with questions.Directions: Take 167 bus from Port Authority to Teaneck and get off at Lindbergh and Teaneck Road, the Holy Name Hospital stop. Send any photos you might have for our slide show to Juan Enrique at Thank you for all your kind thoughts.


Julio Cesar Perez

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What did you learn from Julio?

Eileen Ostenfeld
Greet all those who grace your path with a smile!
Eileen Ostenfeld
Greet all those who grace your path with a smile!
Katrina Martinez
Live life limitless. We can do anything we put our mind to.
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How do you plan to honor Julio's memory?

Katrina Martinez
Telling my son Kavi & all my future children about the most interesting man I ever met, his great Uncle Julio.
Omar Nova
By living my life to the fullest

What's your favorite picture of Julio?

Vassilios Plexidas II
Thanksgiving 2007 made me want to learn to play Congas

What are your best memories of time together?

Omar Nova
Working weekends on tech stuff with him for a summer at a time. I got to learn so much about him and his life in general.

What objects most remind you of Julio? Have a photo?

Omar Nova
Unfortunately, no photo but I'm sure his drums were dear to him. He traveled everywhere with them

If you could send Julio a message now, what would you say?

What six words best describe Julio?

Did Julio have a favorite phrase or common mannerism?

How did Julio affect other people?

What were Julio's greatest passions?

What obstacles did Julio overcome?

What accomplishment was Julio most proud of?