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Amit Chatterjee

Our Beloved Amit

By lorena chatterjee

The love of my life, my best friend, and loving father, Amit passed away unexpectedly early morning on October 25, 2018.  Amit served as a guiding light for many of us and cherished each and every one of his family and friends.  

To all of us, he was a leader, an innovator, and a true entrepreneurial spirit. He will be missed by so many. We ask that you keep our family in your thoughts and prayers as we endure this most difficult of times.  He will be missed dearly but we are resolved in his kindred spirit and irrefutable zest for life.  The positive impact he has made on our lives will remain forever. 

Please write a personal story so that Connor and Brandon can get a glimpse of their dad in the future when they are ready to read about him and the lives he touched. 

Amit Chatterjee
Your dad was full of positive energy and insight. We worked briefly together in looking to buy a software business - I still recall his wide smile and his words of wisdom which have been with me ever since.
We first met Amit through his younger brother, Sumit. Over the years, we had the privilege to spend time with Amit and Lorena and the boys while visiting San Francisco, or during their visits to Arizona. We greatly enjoyed our time together and came to recognize Amit and his family as friends of our own.

Amit was truly an extraordinary individual both professionally and personally. While our relationship with Amit was social, his professional accomplishments did not go unnoticed. Like everyone who knew Amit, we were incredibly proud of his achievements in business and enjoyed celebrating these successes when we were together. Yet, despite his incredible resume, Amit was extremely humble. He had the unique ability to make anyone and everyone feel special. After spending time with Amit, we always left feeling inspired, valued, and respected. Amit cared about people. He genuinely took an interest in people’s lives, and made them feel important. We loved that about Amit. Amit also had an amazing sense of humor. He loved to laugh, and we will miss hearing his distinctive chuckle.

We are so grateful for having shared so many wonderful experiences with Amit and his family throughout the years, and will cherish our memories of this wonderful man. He has left a lasting impression, and will continue to inspire us throughout our lives. We love you Amit, and miss you dearly.

Heidi and Scott Wolford
Benjamin Ancheta Jr
After business school, in the summer of 1999, I joined a startup consulting firm called Potomac Partners. It was the heyday of the Internet boom, and we were helping old-line, Fortune 500 companies develop strategies to adapt.

The firm was virtual, with consultants based out of their our home offices, and we would only meet up at client sites. On my first project with the firm, I flew into Boise, Idaho, to met my colleagues for the first time. There were four of us - Amit, Victor Prince, Paul Wedeking, and me.

Funny thing is, we were trying to develop an Internet strategy for a company that made paper. Really! The company owned forests full of trees for pulp, factories to make it into paper, and warehouses and trucks to store and deliver it. Amit loved the irony that the Internet would someday make the world paperless, and we were developing an Internet strategy for a paper company!

The project was fun, but the four of us hanging out was even more fun. Amit stood out for being the youngest, smartest, and funniest person in the team, and we'll all miss his smile, his laugh, his brain, and his heart!

Ben Ancheta
Edward Castano
I remember meeting Amit for the first time when I was an MBA intern at Hara in 2010. His warmth and approachability is what I most remember about him. As an aspiring cleantech entrepreneur, his vision, tenacity and leadership were an inspiration to me. I hope he passed some of that on.
So I hadn't known your Dad that long, but he seemed an adventurous, spontaneous and very knowledgeable kind of guy. One day my brother sent us a full clam bake with tons of seafood that could feed an army, but my wife and I had no clue how to cook any of the seafood. So, we called your Dad, asked him if he knew how to cook a full on clam bake and invited your family over for dinner. Your Dad said, "sure, I know how to prepare a clam bake" and was at our house with the family and his brother in tow within the hour. Now, when your Dad walked in the door the first thing he did was ask where our computer was. I asked why and he said, "I don't know how to cook a clam bake, but Google does!" He then proceeded to look up all the directions, we all pitched in and cooked up the lobster, clams, oysters and corn - spread it all out on the kitchen table, opened some wine and had one of the best nights of our lives. That was the day your father became a friend, not just an acquaintance and we stayed friends from that day on. I could always call him for help or advice and he was more then generous sharing his vast wealth of knowledge. I will miss your father greatly - for his friendship, for his knowledge and for the magic that followed him in to any room that he entered.
Amit Chatterjee