Jacob David Anthony Service

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Are there people who couldn't be here you'd like to say something about?

Amy Servic
One day you will be forced to explain to your son why it is you hated me more than you loved him!
Burn OC
Yency Mena, with all of her years as a LEO at Hawthorne PD, retiring as a Sergeant, and being a mother, still couldn't help a family and more so the child she told me was safe under my roof while she "investigated" our case. How often do you think the D.A.'s child abduction unit gets a case and in less than 12 hours not only gets a warrant with illegal orders, gets it signed by a corrupt judge, and then serves that warrant resulting in the removal of a child who was safe, from the only home he had ever been in? Once. That's how many times that has happened. James F. Bacin and Yency Mena are both lying pieces of crap and I can prove it just with Mena's report alone.
Chris Service
Everyone who contributed to destroying my children's lives. Brian Montgomery, Steven L. Weiss, Donald F. Gaffney, Yenci Mena, James F. Bacin, Darrel Hausler, Cheryl Wallace, Crystal Turnbough, Sean Singh, Ben Wishart, Brian Saylin. Thanks for being pieces of shit and taking it out on my kids and ky family. They really deserved that didn't they? All for the first name on this list. An abusive, manipulative narcassist with a felony background for abuse and violence.

What are the best photos and videos to capture this celebration?

Amy Servic

What are you proudest of?

Amy Servic
My boys and how strong they have been through even the most traumatizing of times.

What are you celebrating?

Who were the most important people celebrating with you?

Why is it significant?