Clotilde C. Luce

Answer one question or many - using words, photos or other media.

What sorts of things might occur on Clotilde's strolls to the park?

Amy Cunningham
John Luce
Dogs and babies were drawn to her - as were strolling musicians

Describe Clotilde's voice and post videos...

Amy Cunningham
Amy Cunningham
Here she is, reading a poem called "Jimmy to the Scarecrow," by her father Austin Cunningham.

What were Clotilde's guilty pleasures?

Amy Cunningham
Mae West movies!

What was it about Clotilde and little babies? Please discuss.

Amy Cunningham

What are your favorite pictures of Clotilde?

Amy Cunningham
This is not so much a photograph of Clo. It's a picture that reveals the kind of rapture and admiration she engendered in others. This is her great nephew Joe beaming back at her just before his bar mitzvah service.

Describe what her apartment on Beekman Place meant to you.

What did Clotilde love?

What did you learn from Clotilde?

What objects most remind you of Clotilde? Have photos?

What were Clotilde's greatest passions?

What six words best describe Clotilde?

What would Clotilde say is the secret to a long and happy life?