Ann-Marie Graham-Rougerie

Some lovely things we will remember

By Bernard, Julien T, Julien R, Emma and Jason-Louise


1) Always smells good, like powder blush or Calèche or Chanel. And she always looks great too. 

2) A fantastic cook, everyday when you can return and hear the roar of spices in the kitchen is a good day. She specifically cooks the best Lasagna, bolognese sauce, stew peas and rice, sausage with onions and peppers, thanksgiving everything , tuna sandwich, porridge, perfectly timed boiled egg. Ann-Marie can make you experience Jamaica with just a tiny piece of Chicken. 

3) Is so popular and loved by many many people. 

4) Is the one and only wonderful grounding Oma-GranGran for Basile ❤️

 5) Ann-Marie has the sweetest singing voice and memory of songs. She knows every word to every song ever written from Marley, to the Beatles to Aretha Franklin. 

6) With Ann-Marie on your side you don't need an army.

7) An ache or ailment? Ann-Marie carries the wisdom of the ages to cure you.

 8) Giving, giving and giving... no child of Ann-Marie will ever be cold (or look sloppy)

 9) Passion, especially when it comes to politics, race and any form of social wrong.

10) She’s crazy intelligent

11) Is considered beautiful by so many, also strangers, in past and present. 

12) Has an incredible language learning ability, a talent which is admired. 

13) Has an extra special secret kindness that only those she really cares about know. 

14) Knows how to rip a lobster apart like a champion! 

15) She’s always a counterpoint, letting you see the other side.

16) Ann-Marie is reliable and knows a lot, I have too many time when I come to her and say: you’re right.

 17) Attentive, every time I do anything, I can just picture her to help me remember if I was missing anything

18) She cares, she cares a lot about anything you do

19) Perseverance, courage, strong faith, determination. Ann-Marie never quits, she persevered from age 12 going to live at her paternal grand parents, found the courage to leave her country for Jordan at the other end of the earth, then to Belgium where she overcame adversity, then to America where she sacrificed so much to get a degree then a Masters. She sacrificed to reunite her family and start a new one. Always seeking to better herself. She’s tough as nails, made it through some rough times. 

20) Forgiving, a strong quality in Ann-Marie has always been able to forgive and move on. 

21) She has been an inspiration to others.  

22) Honest. People and friends seek her company for her honesty and candor. She is upfront and forward.

23) Her faith, Mom is a child of God. She believes and has a strong spiritual bond with God. She read the Bible and knows way more than any of us can imagine.

24) Her sayings, i love how Ann-Marie is able to place anecdotes and popular sayings in daily life like The pot calling the kettle black. 

 25) Finally, remembering the good times, Ann-Marie has a good heart, a great smile, fun to be with, playful and loves to laugh. 

She is a good person.

Ann-Marie Graham-Rougerie
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Richard Young
I'll always remember her laughter and chatter! Richard
Ann-Marie Graham-Rougerie
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