Richard F. Stawski

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How would Richard most want to be remembered?

Joseph Casalino
I most remembered Rick as a Great Old friend from my adolescent life ! I remembered introducing him to Karen, the love of his life ! I know he will be greatly missed by his family as Rick was a great Family Man ! My heartfelt condolences to Karen and the girls ! May God Bless His Soul !

Joe Casalino

How do you plan to honor Richard's memory?

Linda Meaker
I did not know Richard. I knew his wife Karen. I know they loved each other with all their hearts. He loved his family, children, grand children. Just by the pictures I have seen he was a fun loving guy. loved the beach. I am making his wife a remembrance candle in her favorite scent, cinnamon bun. I hope it will give her some peace when she burns it knowing that Richard is now in the loving arms of Jesus. He suffers no more.

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