Alfonzo Feoli

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What are your best memories of your time together?

Kathleen Bumball
Walking the boards in Asbury Park~ and skeeball in the arcade~rides to The Capital Theater to see B🎶~ Roller Skating at Olympic Park, Ice Skating at Maplecrest Park
Kathleen Bumball
Dad’s favorite pastimes
Burgers, Golf, Mojo and Lottery Tix

What will you miss most about Alfonzo?

Kathleen Bumball
Dancing in Asbury Park🎶He had a blast that night with Rose and Kevin

What made Alfonzo laugh or smile?

Kathleen Bumball
His Lottery Tickets

Did Alfonzo have a favorite food?

Kathleen Bumball
Loved his burgers 🍔

If you could send Alfonzo a message now, what would you say?

What are your favorite photos or videos of Alfonzo?

What were Alfonzo's favorite toys?

What was Alfonzo's favorite song or lullaby?

What objects most remind you of Alfonzo? Have a photo?

Do you have a favorite video of Alfonzo?

How did you choose Alfonzo's name?

How do you plan to honor Alfonzo's memory?