Sean F. Donahue

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If you could send Sean a message now, what would you say?

Sean McCusker
Hi All like you I am I shock with your passing my old pal But you came to me the night before in a dream I quest your way of saying good by to me Thank You for that Sean my dream was about how close we were years ago and how I needed to get in touch with you again to close are circle of life before it was to late. You felt that and let me know you were good that’s it’s ok pal I got it and look forward to seeing you again. We were two out of control kids years ago and shared some great times together from your moms massive wooded spoon beating we got when we were bad and we were awful at times but we thought it was funny but Gertie could swing that spoon like a tomahawk with great accuracy even breaking one on my head she was furious but went out and got a bigger one to use. I know you love getting her going because you were faster then I was. I also remember how Mom would grab our ears like a vice grin and we would stop in place my ears still hurt but we needed all that she gave us Please say hi to my Mom and Dad as well as yours. Sing happy songs together like we used to as a great big family of true Irishman. Till we meet again in great memories I keep you. Love you you friend Sean and family
Michael Maguire
How looking for my birth Mother I found out that I had a brother called Sean, our time was cut short due to the big C.
You will never be gone and never be forgotten!!!
Michael Lisetta and Family
Michael Maguire
How looking for my birth Mother I found out that I had a brother called Sean
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What made Sean happy?

Sean McCusker
Costco. Lol

What are your best memories of time together?

eileen Martino
Our parents relationships brought us all together- you were like another brother to us. Such fond memories of our family's - always centered around their Proud Irish Heritage, great music , food- especially your Moms Callcannon- and of course the singing - your Dad such a teaser and your Mom such a hugger.....:) - i hope that you are all together now enjoying Alberts awesome basement!!! and having a drink at his bar. <3

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