Shirley Keller

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What do you most want people in the future to know about Shirley?

Lynn Keller
Shirley was a delightful human being to be around. Everyone loved her and enjoyed being with her.

What did you learn from Shirley?

Lynn Keller
How to be a strong independent woman.

What did Shirley love?

Lynn Keller
Her family and her friends.

What's your favorite picture of Shirley?

Lynn Keller
This is certainly one of them !

What are your best memories of time together?

Lynn Keller
Summers at Cape Cod

What will you miss most about Shirley?

Lynn Keller
Her beautiful smile and warm friendly soul.

What made Shirley laugh?

Lynn Keller
Gin Martini's!

If you could send Shirley a message now, what would you say?

Lynn Keller
Mom, I was so very lucky to have you in my life for 65 years. The past 8 years, when I was the one taking care of you, were the most rewarding years of my life. I knew it was time for you to go, and I'll be okay. You were the best role model a daughter could ask for.

How would Shirley most want to be remembered?

Lynn Keller
Mom would most like to be remembered as a wonderful mother, a loving wife and a fabulous cook!

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