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How would Katherine most want to be remembered?

Meg Barredo
Kathy was full of life. She was always jolly and loved to joke around. She liked having conversations and she never failed to make me laugh. I remember when we had our Christmas party she was my go to person on drinks. She also gave me a tip... “eat a bag of potato chips before drinking so you won’t get drunk”. Kathy is deeply missed. The office will never be the same without her.
Meg Barredo
Kathy was full of life. She was always jolly and loved to joke around. She liked having conversations and she never failed to make me laugh. I remember when we had our Christmas party she was my go to person on drinks. She also gave me a tip... “eat a bag of potato chips before drinking so you won’t get drunk”. Kathy is deeply missed. The office will never be the same without her.
Lisa Genoese
What I will remember most about Kathy is she was always happy, always in a good mood and always had a smile on her face. She loved talking about her kids as we would swap stories about our children. Kathy was a big jokster around the office and always wanted to put a smile on your face. She will be truly missed around the office.
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How did Katherine affect other people?

Jordan Canevari
By her constant happiness, positive attitude, and inquisitive mind - she seemed to know everything sometimes. I was lucky enough to work very closely with her, and she was constantly giving me wonderful advice, on my career and my personal life. We bonded over our enjoyment of the stock market and more than once she told me I should use all my money to buy Amazon stock (and if I did I would have a lot more money now). She taught me so much in such a short time it is hard to quantify the full impact she had on my life but she will certainly will be missed and remembered, especially every time I see Amazon’s stock price continue to go up.
Kathy had a positive influence on everyone around her. She always made time to greet people and connect with them about work and personal stuff. Knowing that we were looking for a new house, she became my real estate advisor! She would give me tips on housing market, the inventory in town and advise on when she thought was a good time to buy. We had numerous conversations on school districts and good towns to raise kids in. She was a loving mother and shared stories about her kids and their experience with the schools in town. Kathy genuinely cared about her friends and colleagues and was always willing to help. Her energy, her cheerfulness and good spirit are an inspiration to anyone who's known her. Kathy, you were a wonderful friend and colleague and we'll always remember you with that radiant smile.

If you could send Katherine a message now, what would you say?

Lealanie Roberts
Katherine, I miss your vibrant energy in this otherwise dull world. You were always so nice to me and I wish I took more time out of my busy days at work to get to know you more. But for the amount of time I did get to spend with you, I am grateful for this. You shared such warmth and vibrance to whomever you interacted with. You always took time out of your busy day to help me out. When I was invited to the “secret lunch gang” you welcomed me with open arms, shoved food my way and told me to eat. You also were so endearing and always wanted to hear other people’s stories. I am grateful for these memories and I hope you continue to shine your warmth and vibrance onto us. We miss you.
c moore
Katherine, I miss your optimism. Grabbing lunch together to talk about life were among my fondest memories.
Katherine, I miss your cheerful personality. You always made me smile and brightened even the darkest day.
Katherine, I miss your selflessness. You were a mother to your colleagues, always showing concern for the well being of others.

Katherine, we miss you...

What will you miss most about Katherine?

Kevin Conlon-Riser
Her infectious personality. I don't think there was ever a day where Kathy wasn't upbeat and smiling. She just seemed to joy life no matter what. That to me is something that I will miss the most. On days that just didn't seem to be going your way she always found a way to make you smile by making you laugh or just telling you one of her millions of stories. That was thing with her, she had a story for everything.

Where were some of the places Katherine lived?

Cheryl Wong
One of the places that Katherine lived in was Shanghai. Many people move around and live, usually as guests, in their adopted homes, but Katherine fully immersed herself into her new home. Not content to settle for a life of ease, and notwithstanding the limitations of a new language, Katherine assimilated into her new home and job, picking up a strong command of Mandarin along the way. And most impressively, as she told a number of us listening incredulously, she decided that in lieu of being driven around Shanghai, she and her children would use the public transportation system to facilitate quickly getting to know and communicate in their new home. She thought that her children should not be cocooned in the familiar and thereby not partake in a wonderful, albeit challenging, experience. It was with great pride that she told us how much her family came to love their time in Shanghai. This story, amongst many others, puts on full display Katherine's boldness and unabashed embrace of challenges. Resolute in the face of hardship and undeterred by the new and unfamiliar, she forged her way through with grace, good humor and kindness. She was an extraordinary woman with a wealth of experiences garnered through engaging wholeheartedly in all that came her way. It was a privilege to have known her.

What objects most remind you of Katherine? Have a photo?

Stacey Blakeslee
When things got going in our group, it was long and intense days. Kathy's solution - give us these liquor-filled chocolates! She saw them and said she thought of us. And it always worked. I remember being tied to my computer, face filled with tension as I worked and Kathy walked in and told me "you need one of these", then put the little chocolate on my desk. It always made me laugh.

Kathy - I miss you. You were such a bight light in our group, always smiling with a fun fact and a stock tip. I will forever appreciate your friendship and support - you got me through some tough days and I hope you know how much that means to me. I will miss laughing about the small things with you, sharing fun stories about our families and lives, discussing their futures (and ours), and of course, figuring out what to eat. Keep smiling!

What are your best memories of time together?

KoonWah (Katharine) Gee
Our "Not so Secret Girl Squad" lunches ; I discovered so many different places to eat in the Livingston area ... Korean, Taiwanese, Malaysian and of course the ultimate Chinese Buffet for less than $12 w/ tip during Christmas time.

KK I will remember your smile, your enthusiasm for food, your stories about living in China ...I still do not understand why you did not just want to be a Tai Tai... something about being bored... so like you ...always keeping busy and learning !

I feel really lucky to have met you and you will be missed

What did Katherine dislike?

Sean Malone
More than once Kathy would come into my office for a work related issue but immediately transition to berating me for having too drab an office and that she wanted to bring in one of those home remodeling shows to spruce it up (I'd argue I like the minimalism but she wasn't having any of it) - then she'd move to comparing who was taller - her standing up or me sitting down (I'm 6'3" - it was close). She alway was smiling and laughing in our interactions and I'm not sure if I ever saw a frown on her face - her bright presence is greatly missed.

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