Katherine Ke

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If you could send Katherine a message now, what would you say?

Lealanie Roberts
Katherine, I miss your vibrant energy in this otherwise dull world. You were always so nice to me and I wish I took more time out of my busy days at work to get to know you more. But for the amount of time I did get to spend with you, I am grateful for this. You shared such warmth and vibrance to whomever you interacted with. You always took time out of your busy day to help me out. When I was invited to the “secret lunch gang” you welcomed me with open arms, shoved food my way and told me to eat. You also were so endearing and always wanted to hear other people’s stories. I am grateful for these memories and I hope you continue to shine your warmth and vibrance onto us. We miss you.
c moore
Katherine, I miss your optimism. Grabbing lunch together to talk about life were among my fondest memories.
Katherine, I miss your cheerful personality. You always made me smile and brightened even the darkest day.
Katherine, I miss your selflessness. You were a mother to your colleagues, always showing concern for the well being of others.

Katherine, we miss you...