Josephine La Jeunesse

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If you could send Josephine a message now, what would you say?

Karen Pellow
"Cousin Jaye",
I didn't know you left until way after you left. You were such a comfort to me when your good friend, my mom Palmina, died. I'll always remember the apartment in Chatham on the corner of Hillside and you babysitting me and Eddie a few times when my parents went out. You were always such fun to be around. Mom told me about the time when you were youngsters and were biking around an orchard. You stopped, grabbed some apples and filled the baskets on your bicycles, came down Ford Hill Road hitting bumps in the road and the apples were flying out everywhere! Palmina loved telling me that story.

I was glad I was able to see you a few times when you were back in Chatham and then in Basking Ridge. You were a real nice lady and I enjoyed your company very, very much. You will be missed.

Pal's daughter Karen.
Saidie hilton
Hi Aunt Jay,
I'm sorry I couldn't visit you as much as I would have wished. I remember visiting you every summer and talking about school and everything. I love you so much. I miss you. Love you
From, Saidie Hilton (Colette's Granddaughter)

What's your favorite picture of Josephine?

Karen Pellow
My mom Palmina and her best friend, her cousin Jaye at Olympic Park.

What will you miss most about Josephine?

Saidie hilton
I will miss her smile the most. Also, no matter how upset I was she could always cheer me up with Aunt Anna.

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