Lois Vieser

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What are your best memories of time together?

Connie Forbes
Connie Forbes
Memories are simply moments that refuse to be ordinary.
Diane Keaton
The photo was made on a beautiful sunny day, Summer 2012
I remember vividly, this moment ~spent in the company of my lovely client and her beloved Black Lab Hagen. It was an Adventure just keeping her company.
I am reminded of the love and friendship we shared and how what would seem a "simple moment" in time ...refused to be ordinary.
Thank you Mrs. V......
for the memories, I will cherish them always......

If you could send Lois a message now, what would you say?

Connie Forbes
Thank you for laughter, til we cried, the joy of discovering every new day. And for the love you gifted me while in your service. I will forever remember the wonderful times we spent together!!

What did Lois love?

Connie Forbes
Mrs. V loved walking in the early evening just before sunset on her country estate Tranquility. Not far behind was her beloved Black Lab, Hagen who kept a watchful eye out for her every step. Mrs. V also loved to decorate the stone wall entrance on the estate. I will never forget the day we went into Wapole and she spotted the glorious supply of pumpkins at the Wapole Grocery and had me turn around and park....not sure why I soon discovered we were on a mission for the perfect size pumpkins and 30 minutes later we had approximately 20 pumpkins loaded.....Ms. V was on a mission!! I have so many treasured memories and Fall in New Hampshire with Ms. V will be memories I will forever treasure. Ms. V was not just enjoying fall in New Hampshire she was sharing these amazing moments with me. How blessed I have been.

What did you learn from Lois?

Connie Forbes
How to make an amazing Beef Tenderloin from Lobels!

What's your favorite picture of Lois?

Connie Forbes
Walking with her grandson Will in the garden one summer day.

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