Dennis Bobbitt

Answer one question or many - using words, photos or other media.

How did Dennis's life impact the family?

Kimberly Brumley
It made me n my brother better kids he taught us to be good people and the meaning of sticking together
Kimberly Brumley
And that growing up with one parent how to show enough loved to make up for the absence of a mother dad loved us so much I never missed our mother

What's your favorite story about Dennis?

Kimberly Brumley
I was talking about plans I'd had with friends to a friend in my room little did I know dad had a baby monitor on behind my bed so the next day when I got up an went to open the fridge dad had written me a note saying I wasn't doing shit lol cause he'd listened to it all thru that dang baby monitor it was then I found out the hard way you can monitor more than baby's lol

What lessons can be learned from Dennis's life?

Kimberly Brumley
Anything's possible and when you love something or someone enough you can do anything

How do you plan to honor Dennis's memory?

Kimberly Brumley
By being a better person I was ysterday

Do you have a favorite picture of Dennis?

Kimberly Brumley
Yes the pictures of me dad n Jake on a old truck at Joyce park

What should people in the future know about Dennis?

Kimberly Brumley
That dad was left to raise two kids alone and he did an awesome job raising us and he was liked by everyone who met him and had the best personality

If you could send Dennis a message now, what would you say?

Kimberly Brumley
That he's the best Dad a kid could have and I know he thought he was a bad dad but he was wrong because he was the best Dad and I'm proud to have been his daughter and I lived him more than life thanks for being our rock

What objects most remind you of Dennis? Do you have a photo?