Leola Woods

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What made Leola laugh?

Tickling her feet. She’d smack me if she saw this!
Azia Raju
When people did things that were so outlandish, they knew they had no business doing that foolish thing! LOL!
MaDear loved a good holiday party, fishing, bar-b-q's in her backyard. She enjoyed sewing, cooking & her Eastern Star lodge. She always attended family gatherings, weddings, graduation celebrations & giving sound advise. She wasn't a joker, but she was a good sport and enjoyed others when they joked. She had a hearty laugh that filled the room.

What do you most want people in the future to know about Leola?

Azia Raju
She believed in being prepared. She wanted to share what she knew so that those after her would be prepared. She was ready with the right hat or the right dish or the right thing to say. She was ready.

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Azia Raju

Did Leola have a favorite phrase or common mannerism?

She always remembered to tell Jesus thank you. Even when her days were ending she thanked Him. She said everything from God is a gift!

What did Leola love?

Azia Raju
Fashion and sewing.

What will you miss most about Leola?

Azia Raju
"I enjoyed you all!" When she said it, you knew she meant it.

If you could send Leola a message now, what would you say?

Azia Raju
You are so VERY missed. You are so VERY loved. And we are all so glad that you get to celebrate peace with Christ now and forever more.

How would Leola most want to be remembered?

Azia Raju
She would want us to remember that she cared about people, deeply. She would want us to remember that she never let you leave her house hungry.

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What did Leola dislike?

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