Barbara Ann Holzhauer

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What will you miss most about Barbara?

Jean Clayton
My father Jack Davidson would also like to leave a message. He remembers the times in Cape May having fun with her and John good times together him and LOIS. He loved dancing with them ! So many memories so many good times. He will miss Barbara very much she was very special to him he sends his love along with all of the Davidson clan !
God Bless

How would Barbara most want to be remembered?

Jean Clayton
My godmother, Aunt Barbara was the kindest most gentle woman I have known other than my mother. Always filled with joy and love and a big hug and a beautiful smile. She made those fish lips for me every time I asked even when I got older. She made me laugh. She had the cutest little giggle that was infectious. A truly loving beautiful soul who raised a beautiful family. More people on this earth should aspire to be like my aunt Barbara. Thank you for being my godmother.

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