Jasper Jackson

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If you could send Jasper a message now, what would you say?

Joan Watson
I miss you and I need your guidance 💔
Florence Rice
Cousin Jasper,
I was named for your mother Florence, my aunt. In my heart, I have always felt that extra special connection with her and her children because of her, having her name, even when I didn’t see much of you all, for me, the connection has been there. She loved you dearly as you loved her. I know you missed her for so many years, your heart broken. Now you are living in peace with her, your dad Jasper Sr who also love you very much, your siblings and so many other relatives and friends. I am thankful you found a love, Celeste, by your side until the start of your new journey with GOD. You have no more earthly worries, GOD’s got you and you are now and forever united with family. Say hello to the family, my husband...and tell them, “I LOVE and miss them all.”

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