Keeping my brother's memory alive

This is for my brother who lives in Heaven. I hope this will be a place for family and friends to come and share their stories of my brother and also hopes it helps ease the sorrow as the years go by.


Terry Lynn Day

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Have you felt the presence of Terry in your dreams or prayers?

Christie Day
carlton day sr
several times
Stephanie Georgin
Yes! I usually smell him next to me. I’ll be watching tv or doing something in the kitchen and all of a sudden I’ll smell him. I dream about him and in them we’ll be having a conversation but I can never remember what we said. When he first passed I was laying on my bed crying and fell asleep. I had a dream that I was laying on my back with him kneeling beside me, talking to me. He turned his head and looked down at me and said “well baby I have to go. Are you coming? And he stood up and reached to me. I woke up with my arm reaching for him. I think it was his way of saying bye to me. I’ll never forget that dream.