Kade J Schaffer

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What are your best memories of time together?

Kristin Kimmel
hi this is jasper. my best memories with my father are going to ocean city with him every year when school ended
Karey Scheyd
Playing Telestrations with Kade, Kristin, Jasper, Milo, and Irfan in November 2018. The time when the kids were still babies and we propped Jasper up on the couch but he slowly slipped back between two pillows and it looked like he was being born in reverse (we laughed so hard). Total shenanigans between 2004-2007 at our two apartments, one block away from each other. Sharing a love of seltzer. Food adventures in Austin. Taking the kids to swimming lessons. A brief moment of raw vulnerability in his last months of life.
Kristin Kimmel
hi this is jasper. and that was intresting stuff