Stanley Louis Thompson

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What were Stanley's guilty pleasures?

Don Thompson
Pete, I sent him that hat years ago. Yes, he told me he was an old Boston Braves fan too, but I couldn’t resist him wearing a Red Sox hat in front of his Yankee fan son, named Pete.
Peter Thompson
He never said a word.
Peter Thompson
I don't know about guilty pleasure, but it was certainly a secret one.....

All through our lives, dad watched sports and claimed he just wanted to see a competitive game. He never wore any team gear or even admitted cheering for any club......until the Red Sox finally won the World Series!!

The very next day after their Series clinching victory, my non-partisan father pulls out a brand spanking new Boston Red Sox hat.....Where did that come from?! There is no way he could have bought one that morning.

He casually remarked that he'd had it for awhile, but never in my life did I see that hat until after their Series win.

I brought it up a few days ago and he still swore he was actually a Boston Braves fan growing up. I don't know about the Boston Braves, but I'll tell you, you can take the boy out of Boston, but you can't take the Boston out of the boy.....even after almost 70 years of living in NJ.
Donald Thompson
I remember when my parents, my sister Lauron and I would come to visit during the summer. We would all have breakfast in the dining room. Grandpa would usually make some eggs or have some cereal with grandma. Whilst we would have a feast of delicious orchards apple cider donuts, crumb cake, and any other delicious desserts my dad thought we could have for breakfast. We would offer grandpa some and he’d tell us he’d pass and that he was okay. “Ohh no no I’m fine, thank you though.” Fast forward some time and eventually grandpa would come around and sneak a donut onto his plate. I always got a kick when he’d grab one and enjoyed himself.