Robert Sterling Turner

Answer one question or many - using words, photos or other media.

What were Robert's favorite TV shows, movies, books or music?

Tammy Martin
When Sterling was a little boy he loved movies so much!!! His favorites were Buffy the Vampire Slayer and SpongeBob and Family Guy during his teenage years and Supernatural shows etc. And then music became his world.... I never knew he had such a versatile amount of music on his Ipod until he was gone....and I would listen to it all of the time and think about him. I would wonder what his heart was feeling during some of the songs and who he was thinking about.

As far as books....he was never really interested in any of them EXCEPT FOR THE HOLY BIBLE.

What's your favorite picture of Robert?

Tammy Martin
I love this picture of us....his hugs were always so wonderful. I miss them.

What were the most life-changing moments for Robert?

Tammy Martin
I guess there were a few...from the time he was a little boy...I knew he was "different". I just didn't know what it was until later in life. I feel my divorce from his father was the first of many moments. There were several more during his growing up years.... There was the time he was having "identity crisis"...which I feel had a lot to do with his last week on this earth. But on a happier life-changing moment for Sterling was the day his sister, Ashley, got married. He was so excited to be an Usher and being able to wear a Tuxedo for the first time!! He had a ball and danced the night away. What a joy to watch him and watching his sister as this was her biggest life-changing moment I'm sure... I love her so much and so did Sterling.

What did Robert dislike?

Tammy Martin
He didn't like it when some of his so-called friends would aggravate him for certain things... he disliked school to the point of me having to pull him out of the public school system and home school him for 2 and a half years... he disliked it when the guys would disrespect the "girls" in the group and hurt their feelings etc. He was very protective of his girl-friends!

How did Robert affect other people?

Tammy Martin
I believe those that REALLY KNEW HIM... loved him dearly. He was always there for his friends and family. He always had a word of comfort when needed and he spoke from the heart. His comments at times were so true and's something that is missed by so many... they know who they are... so many just never really knew who he really was in the life.

What made Robert happy?

Tammy Martin
LOL...going shopping!! He loved to shop at his favorite stores... RUE 21, Wal-Mart, the Malls, Dollar Stores.... just about any store you can I loved it...

What objects most remind you of Robert? Have a photo?

Tammy Martin
The clouds, sun and the moon. Sterling was very in-tune with the nature of things and always said for us to keep looking UP!!! He loved taking pictures of the clouds and nature scenes. As many of us know...the clouds were his favorite! As you can see from the pics that follow. These are just a few that I found on his phone and camera etc.

What are your best memories of time together?

Tammy Martin
Sterling and I spent a lot of time together daily. He was always there for me when he knew I was having a sad day. I was always there for him...daily...through his happy and sad days. We shared a lot of laughter and tears together over the years. He knew me better than most people. He was always concerned about me and wanted me to be happy in life. He was a shoulder to cry on at times and I was for him. His struggles were real and my heart would break every time I felt so helpless.... it's a terrible feeling when you know there is nothing you can do or say at times to make your child feel better. But I tried no matter what...

What six words best describe Robert?

Tammy Martin
That's a pretty easy one for me as his Mom... I would say the six words are as follows: Sterling was kind, generous, loving, affectionate, well-mannered and humble.

If you could send Robert a message now, what would you say?

Tammy Martin
I would tell my son how sorry I am. I'm sorry for failing him, even though I tried my best. I'm sorry for not having a better "father-figure" in his life to teach him the things he would need to know as a growing young man. The only thing I'm NOT sorry for is telling my son every day of his life that I loved him and I believed in him. And he knew this and I knew that he loved me as well. He is truly missed and loved so much by so many. If he had only known.....

Did Robert have a favorite phrase or common mannerism?

Tammy Martin
Well he was truly "one-of-kind" He went through many trials and tribulations but always seemed to overcome them. He suffered with such depression, anxiety and Bipolar Disorder that ultimately in the end... it took him away from us way too soon in life. As many of us knew, Sterling loved to have a good time with his of his favorite quotes I believe he would say with his friend, Chris W., was "We don't drink to get drunk!"...

How would Robert most want to be remembered?

Tammy Martin
My son, I feel in my heart, would want to be remembered as someone who was full of life, love, kindness, friendships important and loved his family.