Mark Nothaft

    • DEC 09


    • DEC 09

      Keira's saddest day becomes life affirming

    • FEB 16

      Keira and Mark first date

    • OCT 15

      Got married

    • OCT 28

      Became a father to Delaney Carol Nothaft

    • DEC

      Became a freelancer

    • FEB 26

      Became a father to Carter Adam Nothaft

  • Born

    By Keira Nothaft
  • Keira's saddest day becomes life affirming

    My mother died on December 9. Mark's birthday. Before I met Mark, December 9 was my saddest day of the year. After I fell in love with Mark, December 9 became a day to celebrate life and love. I always think of my mom, too, of course. But somehow the universe gave me this gift to ease my sorrow.
    By Keira Nothaft
  • Keira and Mark first date

    By Keira Nothaft
  • Became a father to Delaney Carol Nothaft

    Delaney Nothaft
    My favorite photo of us!
  • Became a freelancer

    Kathy Montgomery
    I can’t remember exactly when I met Mark, but it was sometime after 1999. I was working at Phoenix Magazine and Mark was a regular contributor. As I recall, he was our expert in the best places around town to enjoy adult beverages! ;) Always the consummate professional, Mark was a joy to work with. And then he and Keira became good friends. Gerald and I have fond memories of evenings spent with Mark, Keira and their family, filled with good food, good drinks and wonderful conversation. That friendship opened many doors for me over the years. It opened the door to an unforgettable experience working for the state’s largest newspaper. It also, quite literally, took us places. When Mark became editor of Stratos, he brought me on board. And what a ride that was! We got to travel to and write about some of the best resorts in the U.S., as well as a few in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. Under Mark’s leadership, I also got to interview some of the most fascinating women in the state. So when I think of Mark, I think first of his generosity. He opened his life to us, shared his home, his family, his many talents and successes, and brought us along for the ride. In the process, he enriched our lives in ways big and small. Happy Five-Oh Mark! You have expanded our world, our lives and our hearts. Thank you for sharing your life with us. We love you and are so grateful you were born! And we have no doubt the best is yet to come!
  • Became a father to Carter Adam Nothaft