Andrew "AJ" Samuel Davis

  • Born

  • Close Friends

    Shreveport, Louisiana
    Andrew met his close friend Cameron Roland. They known each other for years and was always close even as Cameron Roland went to pursue his first love music. Cameron Roland, better known as Killa to his fans, chose music during his elementary school days in Shreveport, Louisiana. With influences from multiple genres and artists like Tupac Shakur and Jimi Hendrix, Killa used music as an escape to a world that he trusted and understood. In 2008, he and a group of friends decided to out their love for music together to form hip hop super group 40 Karats. The fab five, consisting of Killa, J. Locc, That Guy Dwayne, Pacman, and R. Dot, started with a dream and plenty of drive. After a few years Cameron Roland even spoke about Andrew in his song I Miss You in 2011. In the verse he said how he watch how Andrew's mother would cry about the lose of him and how his sister Candice D Davis who is currently in jail for the murder of her boyfriend not long after his death. He also mention his former partner BreAnne Davis whom is the mother of his daughter Labria. His verse was words from his heart of how they met and much he missed his brother and friend.
  • The Birth of An Angel

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Andrew left behind an angel! I only got to meet her twice but she would be his pride and joy. She was 7lbs and 5 oz. Ms.LaBria. I remember the day we all got the call that her mother was giving birth. I remember him being so nervous and excited. Even though the mother and him were at odds. She allowed him to see the baby the day after and that was the day we all fell in love. I remember the tears he cried and the promises to do right her and her mother but he never got the chance. Due to a drunk driver he stole Andrew's future of righting his wrongs and being a wonderful father. He wanted to take her on father-daughter dates and show her a love she would never find anywhere else. I miss them both.
  • Young Life

    Shreveport, Louisiana
    Andrew went to Louisiana Tech University College of Engineering & Science. He got his associate degree in 2010. He moved temporary to Miami, Florida to visit family and worked as a Civil Engineering Technician for Biscayne Engineering Co Inc in Miami, Florida.
  • Died