Rita Guptil

  • Born

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  • Just Married

    Kent, Washington
    Rita and Mark were high school sweethearts. We have proof! So many memories of dates, the cars, the Drive-Ins, meeting Mr. Allen Johnson!!! Nobody wanted to date a Johnson girl. Dad had a reputation that traveled beyond borders. Mark was willing to take the chance. I can remember sitting at the dinner table one night when Dad told Mark, "Don't come back up this driveway until you get a haircut!" Mom had him the kitchen chair with scissors in hand before he left that night. Rita and Mark were married for 43 years.
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    And Then Came Baby Guptil

    Renton, Washington
    Born - Chad Guptil, January 5th, 1971 and life changed quickly. Mark joined the Air Force and was stationed at Kincheloe Air Force Base in Saulte Ste Marie Michigan where he sent for Rita and Chad and started their new home away from home.
  • Moved back to Washington

    Rita and Mark received orders to be stationed in the Philippines at Clark Air Force Base, but Mark was diagnosed Crohns Disease and returned to Washington for treatment at McChord and remained in Washington until 1982.
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    North to Alaska

    Anchorage, Alaska
    Mark found work as an Electrical Contractor in Anchorage and sold Rita and Chad on the idea of living a life of adventure. Rita and Chad adopted quickly to their new life style and with Ronda already there, the adventures began. Camping, Hunting, Fishing, canning on the river as they pulled the fish from the river. Rita loved culture, the outdoors and all that Alaska had to offer. LIttle did she know, there would be a Totem Pole in her future.
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    Moved to Hawaii

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  • Moved back to Washington

    Affectionately known as the Happy House, we always knew there was a warm welcome at the front door. "Turn Left at the Purple Mailbox". Everyone knew that landmark! The parties, the sauna and homemade wine that she and Dad would make each year, and the frog collection? Everything Rita did was over the top. The very thought of that house makes me smile.
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    World Traveler

    Rita took a cruise to South America (Brazil, Singapore, Chile, Australia, Hawaii) She loved Chile and must have brought a thousand pictures home to commemorate her finds, the cultures, the shopping and the new friends made on the cruise.

    Rita, Mark, Ronda and Gary took a cruise to the Carribean and had so much fun, they went twice, and then the Alaska Cruise where Tim and Linda joined in. As seasoned Alaskan's they escaped the tourist fishing and found their own Boat Captain for a fishing excursion. Knowing these six on one boat.... Well, let's just say there were some memories made that trip!
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  • Passed

    She lived a life of love, adventure, culture, full of family and friends. She brought out the happy in all of us. A dedicated wife, mother and daughter who gave so much of herself to us. While we mourn the loss of a very special woman, we will always remember the good times we shared.
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