For Arman's Family and Friends

This site is for all of us who loved Arman to have a place to come to remember him always. We truly welcome and cherish any stories, pictures or videos you want to contribute about how Arman touched your life.


Arman Nandan Roy

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    Baby Years

    Arman was a smiling, sweet baby, who was 'on the go' as soon as he could move. Family and friends instantly fell in love when they met him, and it was mutual. He was a super friendly, fun loving and adventurous young child.
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    A Talent for Tech

    Believe it or not, Arman's talent for tech started when he was just a year old. He would spend hours sitting with his grandfather on his lap in front of a computer learning music, reading, playing games, exploring... his love for tech was sparked and ignited into an amazing gift that would become his passion for all his years. He mastered everything and was ahead of his time in tech. He spent so much time taking apart and putting computers and other gadgets so they could work better, upgrading everyone's life with tech tips, teaching friends and family how to go digital, making everything smart, a little hacking, but mostly appreciating the wonder, opportunity and hope that tech could bring to life.
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    Travel Adventures Began

    Although his life was cut short in years, Arman had the opportunity to have the life fulfilling experience of traveling and experiencing cultures in over 23 countries. His adventures started when he was 5 years old and he visited India, the birthplace of his father and all his grandparents. He came back and I remember his teacher telling us that he inspired the entire class of kindergarden students to one day visit the Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of the world. He loved everywhere he went, soaking it all in and sharing stories with friends and family. We will always cherish the memories of these wondrous trips with him.
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    Becoming an Eagle

    The years of scouting started when Arman was 6, when he was just a little Cub who was learning to pitch a tent, tie a knot and build a campfire. From there, Arman went on to devote 9 years to the Boy Scouts, learning so many important life skills, having an appreciation for the great outdoors and going on to help mentor and lead so many of the younger scouts. He earned dozens of merit badges, making it to Life Rank and working towards becoming an Eagle Scout when he passed away. We are grateful for the gift and that the Boy Scouts experience provided, truly making him an honorable man in every regard. We are also so thankful to his entire troop for honoring his life in so many special ways, including his friend Jason who created Arman's Trail in Readington Twp, NJ to as a tribute to his friend.
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    Being Part of a Team

    Even though Arman's thing was tech, he was a team player in every definition of the word. Admittedly, he wasn't the greatest athlete of all time, but he took great pride in being part of a team, making friends, learning something new and giving it his best shot. Soccer, Baseball, Fencing, Basketball, Golf, Lacrosse, Track, Skiing and Swim- phew! During his freshman year at Hun, he was on the Hun swim team which placed first in regionals. He was getting so good, improving his speeds at every race, encouraging his team along the way.
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    His Years At Hun

    Arman's years at the Hun Schools were the best of his life and shaped him into the extraordinary person he was. From his time in the middle school where he competed on robotics honing his technology skills, spent hours in advisory getting organized, making so many amazing friends starting with his first experiences at the 6th grade Retreat, and then onto high school, where he learned that he was a ‘campaigner’ like Phil Dunphy, joined the winning swim team where he made the best friends yet and consistently improved his times, surprised himself with an A in Latin – the hardest class he had ever taken, fell in love with English and books like to Kill a Mockingbird and the Oddsessy, and developed great relationships with the entire academic staff. He loved going to school everyday, and it had so much to do with his incredible friendships. We are grateful for the thoughtful messages, pictures, poems and hope to always have a special connection to his school.
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    His Family and Friends

    It is hard to imagine our life without Arman. He touched everyone in such a special unique way, finding ways to connect and care for everyone he loved. He has left us all trying to find ways to remember and honor him, and keep him in our hearts forever. These pictures of Arman with his friends and family, always smiling and laughing are treasures.