Bibi Lobo Somyak

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If you could send Bibi a message now, what would you say?

Stan & Patty Krulia
Dearest Bibi,
To Stan and I, you are kindness, happiness, goodness, friendship, family, hugs, fun and most of all love all tied together with an infectious giggle. You will be missed terribly by all you left behind. However, dear friend, you will remain in the thoughts and prayers of all those many souls who care so very much about you.
Love you always,
Stan and Patty
Annie Barrera
You were always an inspiration to me. How tirelessly you worked for the betterment of children and their education. I loved spending time with you. You could make any get together more fun and so full of fall off your seat laughter. The love you had for your family and friends was always so apparent. We will miss you dearly. Love you Bibi.
Christine Webster
I will miss you my friend. You really were the wind beneath my wings.
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Do you have a favorite picture of Bibi?

Andrés Salguero
Greeting Dolores Huerta on her 85th birthday and on the Women's March. You were always committed to justice!
Stan & Patty Krulia
nora comstock
From Las Comadres Para Las Americas 2007 Worldwide Comadrazo!

How do you plan to honor Bibi's memory?

Nina O’Donnell
To laugh and love every day.

What objects most remind you of Bibi? Do you have a photo?

What's your favorite story about Bibi?