Petra Epple

    • JUL 15


    • MAY 17

      American Citizen Oath

    • NOV 03

      Video Footage Clips

    • AUG 10


    • SEP 12

      Life Celebration

  • Born

  • American Citizen Oath

    Durham, North Carolina
    Petra becomes an American citizen
    By Susanne Kjemtrup-Lovelace
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    Video Footage Clips

    Chapel Hill, North Carolina
    Some raw video footage I shot of Petra while working on a film project about a local character named Phineas. The footage did not make it into my film but the moments with Petra are cherished. It was a 3-hour shoot so there was a lot of footage and takes to go through. I'll upload more soon! Petra was certainly being a good sport that day and I think we captured some of her unique and charming personality. These clips were roughly edited together so feel free to skip around and watch at your leisure. No need to watch in order.
    By David D'Agostino
  • Died

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    Life Celebration

    Chapel Hill, North Carolina
    Petra's neighbors, friends, and colleagues joined together in her garden and via Zoom to remember and celebrate her life.
    By Susanne Kjemtrup-Lovelace