Mark Gerse

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What six words best describe Mark?

Compassionate, loving, intellectual, witty, combative, blunt, one-of-a-kind, and giving.
Liz Steger-Hartzman
Determined, caring, smiling, listener, fun, nice
Lisa Richards
Tenacious, passionate, hard headed, always up for a word tussle, revolutionary. Phoenix like... always rising from the ashes,
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How would Mark most want to be remembered?

Liz Steger-Hartzman
A real good caring person who loves his daughter more than anything.
Lisa Richards
I think as a Phoenix... someone who rose from the ashes of himself over and over again to fly free across the sky with beauty and grace and power
wendy Blake
Mark would want to be remembered as a modern Gandhi, a “Mahatma”—or “Great Soul"--and he was!
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What were the most life-changing moments for Mark?

Ruby Ree.
wendy Blake
Meeting Therese. Having the amazing Ruby Ree.

What were the best things about Mark?

wendy Blake
He always made me laugh, he was deep, he was philosophical, he channeled cosmic wisdom, he was a great dancer, photographer, poet, he was completely committed to social justice, he had incredible eyes and a great smile, he was kind, he could be so sweet -- once he tried to help my mom with a problem, and I could see he really cared -- he loved Ruby dearly, completely -- she was the light of his life
Linda Carrube
Mark was easy going and sincere. He was the older brother of one of my best & dearest friends. He loved his family wholeheartedly. I will always remember how truly happy Mark would be when he would see one of Linda’s friends at a party or gathering and would always make time to chat. May he Rest in Sweet Peace in the arms of the Lord.
Maureen Mulcahy
For Mark’s sharing of love & family, deep faith with God, his compassion, pearls of wisdom, quick humor & all that makes him so unique & special. Look over us Mark which I know you’ll do, until we meet again love, Maureen

What did Mark dislike?

He strongly disliked the Bourgeoisie!

What are your best memories of time together?

wendy Blake
Sitting on the floor at 518 Fourth singing " Dear Ruby" to the tune of Dear Prudence at Ruby's birthday party, with him on guitar. (Second-best memory: When he went too far with teasing me, and I literally flew across the room to attack him!)

If you could send Mark a message now, what would you say?

Rick Ragghianti
You were one of a kind. I’m sure I will never meet another person like you. Our paths in life crossed and you impacted me in a way that will stick with me forever.
I hated to see what you went through in the final days, but I’ll always remember you looking me straight in the eyes and saying “I am unafraid of death”. I knew you meant it.
I believe you are now in a place that we do not understand but will one day be there ourselves. My hope is that when we meet again you’ll let me win at Trivial Pursuit.
Until then....

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