Mark Gerse

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How would Mark most want to be remembered?

Liz Steger-Hartzman
A real good caring person who loves his daughter more than anything.
Lisa Richards
I think as a Phoenix... someone who rose from the ashes of himself over and over again to fly free across the sky with beauty and grace and power
wendy Blake
Mark would want to be remembered as a modern Gandhi, a “Mahatma”—or “Great Soul"--and he was!
He'd also like to be remembered a mensch...even tho that's not the least bit true. ;-)
Since I don't think there's anyone on the planet with whom I've shared as much deep, side-splitting laughter, I'm pretty sure he'd want me to remember him as he looks in this image. Taken 5/12/18, Brighton Beach, Bklyn.
Arlene Khoury
I am so thankful to have shared so many great memories, especially our Steely Dan concerts at the Beacon Theater. I will miss Mark. My heartfelt condolences. With love and prayers, Arlene
He was a proud father. Mark was constantly preaching God's word. He was a believer and he wanted us to believe too. So we can meet him in heaven!