Sandra Waldman

Happy Birthday to My Extraordinary, Loving, Talented, Brave Mom

By Steven Waldman and Michael Waldman

We love the video montage above -- of mom bringing out birthday cakes during my childhood. It just captures for me the selfless, loving behavior I took for granted as a kid.  Fortunately, I fully appreciate it now -- and want to say Thank You for what a great mom, role-model, and inspiration you've been.

Of course the most important birthday-cake related video about Grandma Sandy is more recent:

And from a Mother's Day Tribute last year:

What's the best piece of advice your mom ever gave you?

“There comes a time, you have to go with what you’ve got.” Early in her life, my mom was a reporter for the Associated Press. She had a boss who taught her about the sanctity of deadlines – and helped her let go of perfectionism – by saying, “There comes a time that you have to go with what you’ve got.” My mom told me this when I was young, perhaps related to finishing a homework assignment in junior high. As a budding journalist, I thought it was cool to receive the advice passed down from some crusty old city room editor. But over time, the phrase took on grander meaning, beyond just advice on how to hit deadlines. The way mom said it – in combination with her persistent love and acceptance of me – made me feel fine about letting go. It wasn’t just that it would be “good enough” but that it would be good -- period -- because, she made it clear, I was awesome as is. So for that piece of wisdom – plus all of your love, support, and generosity – I wish you, Mom, a great Mother’s Day.

Sandra Nemser Waldman
Martin Waldman
We have been married for more than 58 years and Sandy still amazes me with how smart and talented and kind she is. Sandy combines love. caring and common sense in everything she does as a mother, a grandmother, a mother-in-law or as the greatest wife a once-skinny, shy young man could have hoped for. Always, the key word in our marriage is "sharing," whether it is in our years together, the wonderful days with our family, the times we have worked together..or in just plain daily living. As we get older, we even say that we share one brain, putting together the memory of an incident, or even a forgotten person's name. Now as always. aren't I lucky to be married to Sandy, the love of my life?
Sandra Nemser Waldman