Silvia Pierini Dunn

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What's your favorite story about Silvia?

Annie Shultz
I remember a family reunion we had at a lake one year, Aunt Silvia introduced me to nutella on toast! It's amazing and I am now addicted for life. Lol We all went out on jet skies one day and I wasn't allowed to go alone but couldn't find anyone to go with me. Well Silvia 8 months pregnant took me. It was so much fun. Even though she was pregnant she made sure that I got my turn. She always had a huge heart and wanted to make sure everyone was happy.

Do you have a favorite picture of Silvia?

Adam Sherr

If you could send Silvia a message now, what would you say?

Abra Cadaver
SIlvia, even through the tears, I smile at the memory of you. You were a Sun, warming everyone up around you. I will never forget you. You will always be a friend.

What should people in the future know about Silvia?

Giulia Dunn
It didn’t matter if she knew you or not, she would make you feel like the most welcomed person in the world.

How did Silvia's life impact you?

What is your favorite memory of Silvia?